Flip Format SearchesA FLIP (Format Launch Implementation Plan) study finds new format opportunities by identifying market appetites under-served by existing stations and—as importantly—outlines what a station needs to do to fulfill that market need. Every FLIP study includes “The Plan,” a set of recommendations for successfully launching your new format, include the specific music and/or spoken word content mix your station should offer, how it should be positioned and marketed and guidance for the inclusion of secondary programming attributes (personality, specialty programming, contesting, news, etc.) in your strategy.
When your station is not delivering the ratings and/or revenue you need, it may be time for a FLIP℠. Our FLIP studies have an incredible track record of identifying new format opportunities that deliver results for years to come. Successes include:
The Breeze 98.1 KISQ San Francisco106.5 The Lake KHLK Cleveland


Ready for a FLIP? If so, contact us to learn more about how Coleman Insights can help you find and launch the best new format for your station.