Our People

We are a team of thought leaders and research experts, fully focused on understanding the music and media industry and providing outcomes that reflect this understanding. Our success as a company is a direct result of this knowledge, experience and a collective dedication to what we do.

Leadership Team

David Baird
Vice President, Research Operations Read Profile

Meghan Campbell
Associate Consultant Read Profile
John Boyne Coleman Insights
John Boyne
Executive Vice President, Senior Consultant Read Profile
John Coleman Coleman Insights
Jon Coleman
Founder Read Profile

Eileen Genna
Vice President, Business Operations Read Profile
Warren Kurtzman Coleman Insights
Warren Kurtzman
President Read Profile

Jessica Lichtenfeld
Associate Consultant Read Profile
Sam Milkman Coleman Insights
Sam Milkman
Executive Vice President, Senior Consultant Read Profile
John Monninghoff Coleman Insights
John Mönninghoff
President, European Radio Division Read Profile

Jay Nachlis
Associate Consultant/Marketing Director Read Profile

Our Staff

Amy Crosby
Field Manager
Artist. Optimist. Wicked Big Sox Fan.
Jason Sharp
Project Assistant
Concertgoer. Filmgoer. Pizza Fan.
Jennifer Donnelly
Senior Music Specialist
Avid Reader. Ireland Obsessed. Name-that-Tune Girl.
Joshua Franklin
Network Manager
Father. Game Designer. Magic 8-Ball.
Mandy Couch
Senior Music Specialist
Music Fiend. Anglophile. Introvert Extraordinaire.
Martin Schwartz
Field Coordinator
Horror & Sci-Fi Lover. Gamecock. Anti-Cell Phone.
Nick Lombardo
Senior Project Manager
Home Brewing Enthusiast. Boston Sports Fanatic. Lean Cuisine Foodie.
Roni Kemp
Project Manager
Dog Rescuer. Southern Living Enthusiast. Nascar Fan.
Stephanie Luu-Tan
Project Assistant
Mommy Deluxe. Globetrotter. Reformed Dragon Slayer.