Your Research Project isn’t Complete… until it’s Coleman Complete

At Coleman Insights, we believe the delivery of high-quality data is only the first step in a process that makes sure our clients get a sizeable return on their research investment. That’s why every Plan DeveloperSM and FACT360 Strategic Music TestSM we complete for our clients is guaranteed to be Coleman Complete.

When a study is Coleman Complete it means that it comes with the insights, tools, and guidance needed to succeed in today’s competitive environment. It also means that our involvement with your brand doesn’t end when we deliver your study—we remain engaged long after study delivery to make sure you get the most out of your research.

Our team is always available for follow-up advice and counsel, but Coleman Complete includes a suite of specific benefits that maximize the value of your Plan Developer or FACT360 Strategic Music Test. These include:1

All Studies

The Plan

Every Coleman Insights study includes specific, actionable recommendations based on our expert analysis of your research’s results. We don’t just tell you what the numbers say, we share with you our best thinking on what you should do based on our findings. This leads to a powerful collaboration where we agree on the specific strategies and tactics to put in place for achieving your goals.

Strategic Music Monitor Analyses

Every study we complete for music radio stations includes two Strategic Music Monitor Analyses—one before each study and one after implementation of each study’s recommendations—which provide objective assessments of your stations’ music mixes and how those mixes compare to other stations. We repeat this process six months after the delivery of each study so that we can review any music adjustments that have occurred and ensure that your music mix remains consistent with the agreed-upon strategy.

Plan Developer

30, 90, and 180-day strategic checkups

We are always a phone call, email, or text away to answer your questions, but every study comes with dedicated strategic consultations one, three, and six months following the delivery of your study. In these hour-long online sessions, we review progress on each element of “The Plan” and discuss any needed strategy adjustments that may be dictated by changes in the marketplace.

In-depth presentation and detailed report

Plan Developer studies include in-depth presentations in which every key finding is revealed and in-depth discussions about the best strategies and tactics ensue. We also deliver our findings and recommendations in a detailed written report, which serves as an important strategic reference tool for the future.

FACT360 Strategic Music Test

Pre-Test Analysis

A music test is only as good as the hook list it utilizes. Is the list consistent with your station’s strategy? Does it include every strong title that could potentially qualify for your station’s library? Every FACT360 study includes an analysis of the hooks you propose testing to make sure your list is as strong as possible.

Hands-On Implementation

We deliver FACT360 studies via online presentations that cover our key findings and recommendations regarding category structure, rotations, song selection, and music imaging. We not only make those recommendations, but we also help you implement them with our exclusive Category Architect and pcFACTSM software. By the time we complete an online session together, the results of your study will be ready to be implemented on-air.

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