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Discover Your Podcast's Potential

Podcast Predictor

Introducing Pod Predictor

For the first time, Pod Predictor by Coleman Insights offers you the opportunity to get an early look at the measurable appeal of your podcast concept BEFORE you make significant investments of time, money, and effort. Pod Predictor ensures you’ll walk away with a clear picture of:

Who your concept resonates with.
How interested they are.

This leading-edge data lets you tailor your content and marketing, precisely positioning your new podcast.

The End Goal

The End Goal

To reach the right audience with the right message

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The Process

Our simple process makes testing potential concepts cost-effective and easy. 

  • Provide the concept name and a quick elevator pitch.
  • We’ll measure and report the appeal of your concept with 500 targeted podcast consumers, and see how it stacks up against similar concepts as well as current shows in the category.
  • We can also measure the appeal of cover art you’ve designed for the show or even a trailer!
  • You’ll receive feedback based on age, gender, ethnicity, and specific interest categories to help with marketing optimization.

Quickly analyze potential performance, know your target, or further refine your concept.