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Outstanding library music testing that doesn’t break the bank.

In the past, you had two options for utilizing research for your radio station’s music decisions. You could conduct a local test with listeners of your station—the ideal method for staying on top of your own listeners’ tastes. Or you could use national charts, but how could you be sure how other programmers are making their decisions?

Option 1 isn’t always feasible, and Option 2 doesn’t go far enough to empower you to make critical music decisions for your radio station.

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Presenting FACT USA from Coleman Insights, a new national music test available to use for your radio station right now.

High Quality Research

When you hear “You get what you pay for” in research, that’s usually true. But with FACT USA’s national testing model, we can offer high quality research at a surprisingly affordable price, delivered in The Analyst software from Cornerstone Research.

Music Rated by Format Fans

See how songs perform among radio listeners carefully screened for interest in your format.

Representative Sample

Each FACT USA study uses a national sample that appropriately represents your format’s target audience in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, and geography.

Affordable For Everyone

FACT USA subscriptions are capped at $5,000 per station, with lower prices for stations in smaller markets.

Coleman Credibility

Coleman Insights has provided gold-standard research for the radio industry for over 40 years. All subscribers will receive an analysis of our findings.

Work With a Coleman Consultant

For an additional fee, subscribers may opt for a Coleman consulting package that includes data delivery in our pcFACTSM software, a two-hour sorting session, and pre- and post-sort Strategic Music Monitor Analyses.

Available for Classic Hits and Mainstream Adult Contemporary, with more formats on the way.

The first FACT USA studies for Classic Hits and Mainstream AC are scheduled for release in June.

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Logo for FACT USA National Music Test

Online music testing done right.

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