FACT360 Strategic Music Test

Online Music Testing Done Right.

Coleman Insights’ FACT360SM Strategic Music Test is online music testing done right. Watch the video above to learn how we combine multi-methodological recruitment and online data collection with our music strategy thought leadership to help radio stations build the most appealing and strategically on-target music libraries.


FACT360 includes all of the benefits Coleman Insights has always offered through FACT, which we continue to offer as well. Click here to learn more about those benefits, including Advanced Strategic Measures, In-Depth Analysis, Actionable Recommendations and Hands-On Implementation.


We offer the following series of blogs covering important considerations about music testing and music strategy:

Every Song You Play Is A Marketing Decision by Warren Kurtzman

Who Should Be In My Library Test? by Sam Milkman

What Songs Should Be In My Library Test? by John Boyne

How Do I Ensure A Cohesive Sound? by Sam Milkman

How Can Listener Expectations Drive My Music Strategy? by John Boyne


President Warren Kurtzman announced the launch of FACT360 during an online webinar presentation where he reviewed the benefits of the FACT360 Strategic Music Test in detail. Watch the video below to learn more about what our online music test, FACT360, has to offer.

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