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Why callout research is essential for your radio station

Another week.
Another music meeting.

The five powers and seven secondaries you pick will make up half your total programming.

You start to look at:

  • Streaming. Only to find a ton of new releases that don’t sound like your station.
  • Peers’ playlists. Only to find the same, tired old songs circulating for months.
  • TikTok. What’s even happening there?
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You can’t do this alone. You need real research that unlocks the power of listener feedback.

Integr8 New Music Research breaks down precisely which songs your listeners know and love AND which of those songs are most relevant today. Your exclusive guide to staying ahead of trends and in-tune with your listeners.

Sample Quality

We not only verify the authenticity of listeners but also confirm their active engagement in evaluating your music. Each respondent must meet a rigorous set of 17 quality control metrics to be included. 

Sample Quality

On-Time Delivery

We know how important it is to get your rotations set on time each week. 

Count on your reports to be on-time, every time.

On-Time Delivery

Strategic Measures

Our proprietary Hitcycle® detects which songs are big now, on the way up, or on the way out. Measuring Fit helps identify which stations listeners associate certain songs with, digging into brand perceptions.
Advanced Strategic Measures

A Dedicated Coleman Consultant

Now that Integr8 Research is an offering of Coleman Insights, every client gains exclusive access to personalized guidance and expertise from their dedicated Coleman consultant.

Dedicated Consultant

Music Meeting

Access your Integr8 Research reports effortlessly through Music Meeting, our user-friendly online platform designed to simplify the process of filtering and sorting results.

Music Meeting

Perceptual Questions

Want to ask a few perceptual stations like which station has the at-work image or has the best morning show?

No problem.

Perceptual Questions

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Logo for Integr8 Research

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