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Do you have a specific show, podcast, video, commercial, or personality you want to get a better read on? What if you knew exactly what content makes the audience stay longer…or tune out?

This is mediaEKG Deep Dive.

mediaEKG Deep Dive is a qualitative research tool from Coleman Insights that enables your consumers to listen to or watch content on their device, track their second-by-second reactions, and then probe deeper to learn why they rated the content the way they did.

Use mediaEKG Deep Dive to measure engagement of your audio content.

Audio brands such as radio stations, podcasts, and streaming services can utilize mediaEKG to measure content engagement. For example:

Did that talk break go on too long? Or, was it so engaging it could have kept going?

Which features are working well and perhaps should run more? Which ones are not cutting though?

Is the content execution compatible with the brand expectation?

How do results differ by age, gender, and fans?

Use mediaEKG Deep Dive to measure engagement of your video content.

Just like audio content, mediaEKG Deep Dive respondents can watch and react to your video content on their device and rate it on a second-by-second basis. With both audio and video content, you can discover if/when the respondent “tunes out.”

As with all Coleman Insights studies, your mediaEKG Deep Dive includes “The Plan,” featuring detailed analysis and actionable recommendations.

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