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Never miss a beat.

mediaEKG by Coleman Insights is an innovative qualitative research tool that measures your audience as they actively engage with content, providing moment-by-­moment reactions.

By tracking precise, real-time responses, we help you:

  • Uncover underlying factors influencing ratings
  • Investigate consumer rationale
  • Gauge audience perceptions and content effectiveness
  • Drive brand loyalty
Never miss a beat.

"Engagement is the currency of the digital age." – Brian Solis

Actionable insights designed to help you

Confidently Curate Content

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To accurately measure the engagement of an audience, we assess and evaluate the level of interest, involvement, and most importantly, reveal active participation levels throughout the experience.

mediaEKG works by natively allowing us to gather and interpret real-time measurements, gauging how deeply the audience is interacting, connecting, and responding to your content.

Our team will use the results to help you better understand audience preferences, behaviors, and specific reactions.

Use mediaEKG results to optimize content, improve audience experiences, and inform strategic decisions related to future content creation, marketing, and audience targeting. 

"Learn what listeners really think rather than just download numbers, which tells you nothing."

– Chris Peterson, Founder/CEO, DWNLOAD Media

Our Clients

For more than 40 years, Coleman Insights has provided research and strategic guidance to some of the most recognized audio brands in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, including iHeartMedia, Spotify, Audacy, Bauer Media Group, Disney, and Urban One. Additionally, Coleman Insights conducts studies and provides strategic direction for leading talent including:

Bobby Bones

The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Elvis Duran

Real-time research. Targeted results.

Real-time research.
Targeted results.

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