Plan Developer

What combination of music styles and/or spoken word content should my radio station offer? How can I coordinate the strategies of my stations to beat my competition? Is my morning show deepening listeners’ connection with my brand? What external marketing initiatives will deliver the best return on investment?

Plan Developer

Plan Developer℠ studies provide the basis for most of our clients’ strategies, answering questions like those described above. Typically conducted on an annual basis, these studies measure the tastes, attitudes, perceptions and opinions of a radio station or cluster’s target audience using an appropriate combination of telephone and online interviews with a large sample of consumers.

While the data collected for every Plan Developer is of the highest quality, the real value comes from the insights we glean from the information. Relying on innovative analysis techniques like our exclusive Format Coalition Builder® and our extensive experience, we deliver with each study “The Plan,” a specific set of actionable recommendations for your station or cluster to follow. “The Plan” guides the overwhelming majority of the strategic and tactical decisions our clients make.

Put the power of “The Plan” to work for you! Learn more about how a Coleman Insights Plan Developer study can help your radio station or cluster today.

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