Plan Developer Perceptual Study

Uncover the real story behind your brand’s performance.

It can be difficult to get an accurate picture of how your brand is performing by simply reviewing ratings or downloads. A Plan Developer℠ perceptual study reveals the layered truths behind those metrics using measurements with richer meaning. The resulting roadmap drives direction with expertly guided focus and actionable recommendations, steadily improving performance.

Challenge yourself to answer the hard questions.

Competitive Advantage

What are my brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and what are the available opportunities to grow and beat my competition?

Content Analysis

What combination of music styles and/or spoken word content should my brand offer?


Do listeners feel my brand has positive or negative momentum?



Is my talent deepening listeners’ connection with my brand?

Brand Recognition

Does the audience have a clear understanding of what my brand stands for? Do my listeners know what music we play or spoken word content we provide? Do they understand what differentiates my product from the competition?

Brand Recognition

Marketing Strategy

What external marketing initiatives and messages will deliver the best return on investment?

Plan Developer℠ perceptual studies provide the basis for most of our clients’ strategies, answering questions like those described above. Typically conducted on an annual basis, these branding research studies measure the tastes, attitudes, perceptions, and opinions of your brand’s target audience using an appropriate combination of telephone and online interviews with a large sample of consumers.

Actionable insights designed to help you

Build Your Brand.

High Quality Data

Innovative Analysis

"The Plan"

With every Plan Developer℠ perceptual study, you don’t just get one consultant. You get the brainpower of the entire Coleman Insights team, collaborating on your project.

While the data collected for every Plan Developer℠ is of the highest quality, the real value comes from the insights we glean from the information. Relying on innovative analysis techniques and our extensive experience, we deliver with each study “The Plan,” a specific set of actionable recommendations for your brand to follow. “The Plan” guides the overwhelming majority of the strategic and tactical decisions our clients make.

Solutions with a media-mindset.
Expert support long after the life of the project.


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