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Helping podcast networks, creators, producers, and talent agencies use data to grow:

  • Podcast awareness and discoverability
  • Brand and talent perceptions
  • Concept and content appeal
  • Valuable understanding of listener behavior

Download data can offer valuable audience listening information, but it doesn't tell you the "why". We dive deep into tastes, trends, and perceptions to help clients increase audience engagement.

Actionable insights designed to help you

Podcast with Purpose.

Listener Loyalty

Brand Assessment

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Decoding data: Deeper than the download.

There is no shortage of download information in the podcasting industry.

Whether you’re using analytics from services like Chartable, statistics provided by Apple, Spotify, or Google, or data provided by your hosting platform, it’s not difficult to find metrics that can demonstrate how a podcast is performing on a macro level. And you need to know this information. Tracking download growth and decline, demographics, how much of each episode was listened to, and where your listeners are consuming the content is crucial. 

At Coleman Insights, we are brand and content people.

While audience metrics and usage trends can be helpful, podcast research from Coleman Insights is designed to answer questions that lead to deeper insights and strategies that help podcasts enjoy long-term success.

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“During a critical time rebuilding our platform, Coleman Insights provided insights about our customer base that clarified our positioning to serve the primary personas of our business better and made determinations on changes to our marketing strategy. This information was invaluable to my team.”

– Todd Cochrane, CEO, Blubrry Podcasting

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“Coleman Insights’ unique understanding of the podcast business enabled us to get a far deeper look into our audience and their behaviors than anything we’ve done previously. We use the results of that work almost daily to inform our programming and marketing and to aid in our ad sales efforts.”

– Carl Weinstein, COO, Locked On Podcast Network

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“Learn what listeners really think rather than a download, which tells you nothing.”

– Chris Peterson, former SVP/Podcasting, iHeartRadio

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"Learn what listeners really think rather than a download, which tells you nothing."

– Chris Peterson, former SVP/Podcasting, iHeartRadio

Our Clients

For more than 40 years, Coleman Insights has provided research and strategic guidance to podcasting, streaming, and radio brands in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. This includes Audacy, iHeartMedia, Spotify, Blubrry Podcasting, Disney, Locked On Podcast Network, Urban One, and Gemini XIII Media. Additionally, Coleman Insights conducts studies and provides strategic direction for leading talent including:

Bobby Bones

The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Elvis Duran

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