Our patented mediaEKG technology can help you learn more about the content that resonates with your audience…and the content that drives them away.  Rather than rely on broad assessments of a show, a personality, a feature or  any other form of content, a mediaEKG study can tell you—on a second-by-second basis—the specific elements of each piece of content that work and don’t work.


Coleman Insights deploys this technology in online studies that allow your listeners to evaluate your content from the convenience of their own computers, as well as in in-person research environments, including as part of our 20/20 Focus Group studies.

Beyond the technology, where mediaEKG’s value is truly realized is in the analysis of the data it produces by the Coleman Insights executive team.  We not only tell you what the audience’s reactions mean, we recommend how to respond to those reactions within the context of your station’s broader strategy.

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