20/20 Focus Groups

Sometimes conditions demand an even deeper understanding of listeners’ tastes and perceptions than quantitative research can provide. That’s where 20/20 Focus Groups can come in.

20/20 Focus Group

Our 20/20 Focus Groups, which are always moderated by experienced and trained members of our management team, may unearth hidden issues that impact the performance of your station. They also can help you determine the depth of listener passion that exists about your station, your competitors, specific elements of your programming—such as personalities or contests—and radio in general.

Where 20/20 Focus Groups are especially effective is when they are used in tandem with quantitative research, such as a Coleman Insights Plan Developer study. For example, a Plan Developer can determine if a key personality on your station is under performing; 20/20 Focus Groups can tell you why.
Contact us to go beyond the numbers with a 20/20 Focus Group study.