mediaEKG Deep Dive

Learn More About Your Content.

Do you have a specific show, podcast, video, commercial, or personality you want to get a better read on? What if you knew exactly what content makes the audience stay longer…or tune out?
mediaEKG Deep Dive
Does your content connect differently based on characteristics like age, gender, or consumption habits? Find out with mediaEKG Deep Dive from Coleman Insights. Test audio and video content—radio shows, television shows, short-form videos, podcasts, commercials, and more—using mediaEKG Deep Dive.

“What if you knew exactly what content makes the audience stay longer…or tune out?”

With mediaEKG Deep Dive, you get deep insights into your content, including:

  1. Second-by-second evaluation of what’s working and what isn’t
  2. Specific feedback in the audience’s own words
  3. Detailed analysis and an actionable strategic plan from the Coleman Insights team

We will recruit participants to match the needs of your project, which generally includes a blend of casual and loyal fans familiar with the content. Because these studies are conducted online, participants can be drawn from a broader geographic area than typical in-person focus groups. Then, we’ll test a series of recorded segments with your target audience utilizing an interactive online platform.

You’ll see results that look like this:


Real comments from a mediaEKG Deep Dive study:

“Love playing along with these games. So much fun to listen to while I am getting ready in the morning. I love their show.” – Female, 45-54, WAAA Morning P1

“It started OK but the Miley Cyrus impression was just too long and then became too stupid.” – Male, 45-54, WAAA Morning P1

Get a better understanding of your content with mediaEKG Deep Dive! Contact us to learn more about how mediaEKG can help you see what’s working.