About OLD

Coleman Insights, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, with offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Hamburg, Germany, is a media research firm that has has helped radio stations and media properties build strong brands and develop great content since 1978.

Our clients include hundreds of media properties in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, including those owned by Emmis Communications, The Walt Disney Company, iHeartMedia, Univision, Bonneville International Corporation, Hubbard Radio, Newcap Radio, Lagardère International, SummitMedia, Grupo Prisa, Salem Communications, The Mondadori Group, Connoisseur Media, Corporación Radial del Perú, SBS Broadcasting, Neuhoff Media, and Townsquare Media. Our approach is to provide more than just high quality research data to our clients. In fact, there are literally hundreds of data vendors in the media research industry who serve that role. What differentiates us is how we appropriately combine state-of-the-art and traditional research methodologies, glean insights from the information produced by those methodologies and draw on our extensive experience to help you develop a strategic game plan to break away from your competition. This approach allows us to enjoy long-term, in-depth relationships with clients who consider us to be their strategic partners and rely on our input for many of their major decisions.

Our media research services include radio research, TV research, and podcast research.

Since 1997, Music Forecasting has provided the music industry with consumer research to help record labels, artists, and managers make better decisions about the strategic direction of their artists.   Click here for more information on Music Forecasting.