Our Story

Anybody can give data, but not everyone can give advice. 
– Jon Coleman, Founder

John Coleman Coleman Insights

Jon Coleman, Founder/Coleman Insights

Radio stations need more than just high quality research data and that’s where we deliver. We provide our clients with unmatched insight, using our extensive experience to develop strategies and build long-term strategic partnerships to help them make their bigger decisions.

Our story begins in the summer of 1978 when Jon Coleman was working for a radio and TV research and consulting company called Media Associates in Dallas, Texas. The company’s radio business was growing faster than their television business and Jon, having a strong interest in radio and a vision for how to better serve radio clients, started his own company. Without an office, Jon and his wife Linda would write research questionnaires and analyze studies from their home, while subcontracting all of the data processing. Eventually, they rented a small office and the company began to grow.

Now doing business as Coleman Research, Jon and his staff began to develop our products and services, believing that not only did we need to provide superb data, we needed to consult and provide clients with in-depth analysis. The approach clearly worked as the company grew substantially. Jon attracted former executives Pierre Bouvard and Chris Ackerman and current president Warren Kurtzman to begin building the radio research industry’s leading team. It was also during this period that the company opened its office in Hamburg, Germany from which John Mönninghoff began to build Coleman’s European radio research business.

In 2000, the name of the company was changed to Coleman Insights, to better reflect the benefits the company delivers to its clients. We continued to grow with the addition of John Boyne to our executive team and the acquisition of mediaEKG in 2009, which resulted in Sam Milkman also joining the company.

Today Coleman Insights reflects Jon’s vision to be much more than a media research company. Through its work with over 500 radio stations in more than a dozen countries, Coleman Insights shares with its clients what we have learned and what our experiences are.

We don’t just deliver radio research – we deliver insights to help your radio station build and strengthen its brand. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. We believe the best research is customized for each situation, and delivered with a clear, outlined strategic plan designed to achieve results over the long-term.