FACT360 Strategic Music Test for Entercom stations

 Not getting what you need from your library music test?

Join other Entercom radio stations that have already switched to Coleman Insights’ FACT360SM Strategic Music Test, online music testing done right.

FACT360 stands for Fit Acceptance Compatibility Test.

You should consider a FACT360 to learn about:

Fit: This is a measurement of what station respondents expect to hear the song on. This measurement is important because, while a song may receive a high Acceptance score, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it fits with your perceptual brand.

Acceptance: This is a look at individual song scores, which we can look at among the total audience as well as additional breakouts.

Compatibility: We’ll take a look at which sounds are compatible and incompatible with each other to help you craft a cohesive listening experience.

Participants can take FACT360 Strategic Music Tests online, allowing for respondent convenience. We employ rigid quality control standards, ensuring a high-grade sample and outcome.

Receive a customized FACT360 proposal for your station!