Worldwide Radio Summit



Every ratings success starts when a listener chooses your station. What goes into that decision? This panel at the Worldwide Radio Summit at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA on Friday, May 4 from 11:45am – 12:20pm will teach you to think like an Outside Thinker.

Outside Thinkers view their stations the way a listener does. By embracing that listeners choose stations for simplistic reasons—including habit, need fulfillment and lifestyle—programmers can build their radio stations into powerful, clearly defined brands that motivate listeners to tune in time and time again.

During our presentation, we’ll illustrate:

  • The differences between Inside and Outside Thinking
  • What factors drive listeners to choose your station at specific moments in time
  • Specific examples of Inside Thinking to avoid at your radio station

Apple Watch Giveaway

Make sure you’re on time and stay until the end of the session for the chance to win an Apple Watch! Must be present to win.

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