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#3-Tracking Contemporary Music Trends

By: Warren Kurtzman
April 20, 2021

A major benefit of the long-term relationships we have with so many audio brands is that we get to look at trends. Lots and lots of trends. By measuring things in a consistent manner year after year and study after study, we get unparalleled insights into how the behaviors, tastes, and perceptions of consumers change over time……Read More

#2-Using Contesting As Strategic Image Building

By: John Boyne
April 6, 2021

You know a good promotion can drive listening to your radio station. But how can you capture the attention of your consumer when, as Barenaked Ladies sang so poignantly in 1998, “It’s All Been Done”?..…Read More

#1-Winning By Embracing Nostalgia

By: Warren Kurtzman
March 23, 2021

As we pass the one-year point of the COVID-19 pandemic you may have noticed that the Nielsen audience shares of many Gold-based music radio stations have grown. Some suggest this is the result of a downturn in contemporary music. Others point to this as evidence of an increase in the pace with which younger consumers—and those with presumably more contemporary music tastes—are abandoning radio….Read More