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“Learn what listeners really think rather than a download, which tells you nothing.” – Chris Peterson, former SVP/Podcasting, iHeartRadio

While audience metrics and usage trends can be helpful, podcast research from Coleman Insights is designed to answer questions that lead to deeper insights and strategies that help podcasts enjoy long-term success. It’s for when you don’t want to just know many people download your podcast, but more about their tastes and perceptions and “the whys” for using your podcast and other podcasts.

As with most forms of media, podcasts are most successful when they exist in the upper right-hand corner of The Brand Content Matrix; they not only give their listeners a great in-the-moment content experience, they have well-known brands with which consumers want to affiliate. Through the combination of our Plan Developer and mediaEKG Deep Dive studies, podcasters can gain the insights they need to build strong brands and develop great content.

Brand Content Matrix

Plan Developer

A Plan Developer℠ study can aid your strategy by answering questions like:

  • How top-of-mind is my podcast with my target audience?
  • What do listeners like most about my podcast? What do they like least? What topics should I be covering more or less?
  • How would they describe it? What images is it known for?
  • How familiar are the hosts? How well-liked are they?
  • How well-known and evaluated are the features?
  • Is the content perceived to be skewing younger or older than the target audience?

These are just some examples of the issues we can explore in a Plan Developer for your podcast or roster of podcasts, as the content of such studies is entirely customized to meet our clients’ needs. Furthermore, we will go further than simply delivering high-quality data based on the questions we ask, by analyzing that data to deliver insights that will inform strategies we recommend you follow. With each study, we deliver “The Plan,” a specific set of actionable recommendations for you to follow.

mediaEKG Deep Dive

To optimize your podcasts’ content, a mediaEKG Deep Dive provides:

  1. Second-by-second evaluation of what’s working and what isn’t
  2. Specific feedback in the audience’s own words
  3. Detailed analysis and an actionable strategic plan from the Coleman Insights team

We will recruit participants to match the needs of your project, which generally includes a blend of casual and loyal fans familiar with the content. Because these studies are conducted online, participants can be drawn from a broader geographic area than typical in-person focus groups. Then, we’ll test a series of recorded segments with your target audience utilizing an interactive online platform.

We presented a mediaEKG Deep Dive study for two iHeartRadio podcasts, The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast and Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran at Podcast Movement 2018. In the example below, you can see how the audience reacted on a second-by-second basis to five topics, and examples of feedback offered following the evaluation. Watch the webinar of this presentation, “The Three Ts of Content Execution: A Second-By-Second Look at Podcast Listening Behavior.”

Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast

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