March 21, 2023

Coming Up on March 29: Ask Me Anything – Episode 2: Podcasting

In our first Ask Me Anything (AMA) Webinar, consultants Jay Nachlis and Meghan Campbell answered questions related to brand and content research, including findings and use cases. In episode #2, we’ll tackle your podcasting questions.

In this fast-paced 15-minute webinar moderated by Client Services Director Kimberly Bryant, Jay and Meghan will discuss:

  • Important trends in the podcasting industry that will change the landscape for content creators and consumers
  • The headlines positing podcasting’s decline
  • How radio stations and talent can effectively use podcasting
  • Ways research can factor in your growth strategy

Registration is now open for the next Coleman Insights Ask Me Anything webinar on Wednesday, March 29th from 2:00 pm – 2:15 pm.

Register today for this AMA:


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