August 26, 2010

Coleman Insights Re-Releases Online Presentation of “Real PPM Panelists Tell All”

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, August 26, 2010 – Coleman Insights announced today that the online presentation of “Real PPM Panelists Tell All,” the company’s landmark 2008 study that provided radio professionals with never-before-seen insights into the perceptions and behavior of Arbitron Portable People Meter™ (PPM™) panelists, has been re-released on its website.  Visitors to can now access a self-guided, multimedia presentation of the study’s findings, as well as other studies the company has released under its “Mapping the DNA of PPM” series.

“When we initially released the study, the day-to-day reality of managing and programming stations under PPM measurement was something only a handful of radio executives were dealing with,” said Coleman Insights President/Chief Operating Officer Warren Kurtzman, who announced the re-release of the online presentation.  “We thought it was really important to ensure that the study’s insights were as accessible as possible now that Arbitron is using PPM in nearly 50 markets.”

The re-release of the online presentation follows a recent increase in attention to the experiences of Arbitron PPM panelists, fueled by an August 8, 2010 San Francisco Chronicle article by Ben Fong-Torres based on an interview with a participant in the San Francisco PPM panel.  “What struck us about the Ben Fong-Torres article was how that one panelist’s experience paralleled what we saw in our 2008 research,” added Kurtzman.  “This made us realize that it would be a good idea to get this important study in front of the radio industry once again.  Furthermore, the re-release of the online presentation provides another opportunity for radio managers to acquaint themselves with the three levels of Cume listening—intentional, incidental and invisible—we isolated in the research.”


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