March 22, 2019

Coleman Insights to Present Contemporary Music SuperStudy at Worldwide Radio Summit

Contemporary Music SuperStudy

Coleman Insights will debut the findings of its first Contemporary Music SuperStudy, the biggest music test of the year, at Worldwide Radio Summit 2019 at Castaway in Burbank at 11:45am on Friday, March 29.

The study covers the most consumed songs of the past year by streaming, sales and radio airplay as measured by Nielsen Music – BDSradio with 1,000 people ages 12-54 across the United States and Canada.

Questions to be answered in the Contemporary Music SuperStudy include:

  • What are the most popular contemporary music styles?
  • Which two styles of music definitely, completely, absolutely do not work together?
  • Why is the streaming chart so different from the airplay chart?
  • What are the best and worst testing songs?
  • Which song has the distinction of having the lowest evaluation score and the highest burn score of all songs tested?
  • Which song was one of the highest evaluated Country songs in the entire test…yet one of the worst testing Country songs among Country music fans?
  • What is the #1 song with Trump lovers and haters?

Don’t miss when we reveal the results of the biggest music test of the year…the groundbreaking Coleman Insights Contemporary Music SuperStudy.

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