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The Marketing of Social Distancing

Tuesdays With Coleman

All the way back on March 17th, we tweeted about a new billboard campaign our client in Edmonton, K-97, launched:

K-97 Edmonton social distancing billboard

Since then, brand after brand is getting in on the action. This includes Coca-Cola putting some distance in their logo for their Times Square billboard:

Miss Chiquita is missing from the banana brand’s iconic logo:

Chiquita social distancing marketing on social media

Audi separated its four rings. Like Chiquita, the luxury automotive brand is using its updated logo on its social media accounts:

Audio social distancing marketing on social media

And there is my personal favorite, this social distancing-inspired ad for Guinness:

Guinness social distancing ad on One Minute Briefs

It led to an abundance of accolades for the brewery, including a tweet from Rob Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of the advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day that claimed, “It restored my faith in advertising.”

Oh, just one small thing. Neither Guinness nor its ad agency created it.

It was designed by an Irish freelance copywriter named Luke O’Reilly as part of a competition called One Minute Briefs.

Keeping your brand top-of-mind in the right ways during a crisis can have lasting perceptual impact later. And, as the Guinness example reminds us, fans of your brand can be some of the best marketers you have. Audio entertainment brands have some of the most passionate, loyal followers in media. How can you mobilize your audience to amplify your community-focused message during this crisis? We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.

Your campaign just might go the distance.