December 9, 2010

Coleman Insights Finds that Nearly Half of Audio Streaming Listeners Do not Use “Over the Air” Broadcasts

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, December 9, 2010 – Nearly half—48%—of Americans who listen to streaming audio do not use the “over the air” broadcasts of AM and FM radio stations.  This is the latest finding from the “Successful Audio Streaming Strategies” study from Coleman Insights, which was conducted during the second and third quarters of 2010.  Coleman Insights released previous findings from the study in September.

“On the surface these numbers should be of some concern to radio broadcasters,” said Coleman Insights Vice President Sam Milkman, who authored the study.  “However, our findings suggest that they are not the result of many streaming audio users disengaging from radio brands, but simply changing the distribution platform they use to consume radio content.”

Additional findings from the “Successful Audio Streaming Strategies” study released today include the fact that younger streaming audio users—particularly young males—are even less likely to use “over the air” signals than older streamers, minority streaming audio users are less likely to listen to broadcast signals than non-minority users and that the mostly positive perceptions of AM and FM radio that streaming audio listeners have are shared by those streamers who do not listen to “over the air” signals.

A supplement to the original “Successful Audio Streaming Strategies” report is available for free download at  In addition, visitors to Coleman Insights’ website can download the report and view an online presentation from the original release of the study, which debuted at the RAIN Summit East in Washington on September 28, 2010.



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