December 9, 2010

Coleman Insights Releases Online Presentation of “Successful Streaming Audio Strategies”

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, December 9, 2010 –  Coleman Insights announced today that an online presentation of “Successful Audio Streaming Strategies,” the study the company debuted at the RAIN Summer East in September, is now available on its website. Visitors to can access a multimedia presentation of the study’s findings, as well as the original study report.

“We have received a lot of requests for the presentation from those who could not attend the RAIN Summit East,” said Coleman Insights Vice President Sam Milkman, who delivered the debut presentation of the study. “Now anyone who would like to see the insights about the streaming audio consumers we presented in Washington can easily do so.”

Among key findings of the study are the low awareness levels and relatively shallow perceptions consumers who use streaming audio have of the options available to them. The study also includes comparison of consumers’ perceptions and usage of Internet-only streaming audio services such as Pandora with the offerings of terrestrial AM/FM radio stations.


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