January 25, 2017

Coleman Insights Names David Baird and Eileen Genna to New Vice President Positions

Coleman Insights announced today that David Baird has been named Vice President of Research Operations and that Eileen Genna has been named Vice President of Business Operations. The appointments, which are effective immediately, were made by Warren Kurtzman, president at Coleman Insights.

“We have been fortunate to have these two talented people at Coleman Insights for a very long time,” said Kurtzman. “Their loyalty has not gone unrecognized and I believe David and Eileen are vital to the future growth efforts of our company.”


Baird, who took over as Director of Research Operations in 2008, will continue to oversee the research and field department operations at Coleman Insights. He joined the company as a Research Analyst in 2004 from KMSO in Missoula, Montana, where he was the Program Director for three years. David also has radio air talent experience and worked in the publicity department at Asylum Records in Nashville, Tennessee after earning degrees from both Indiana University and Middle Tennessee State University.


Genna, who took on the role of Director of Business Operations in 2008, will oversee the company’s finances, human resources, facilities and information technology infrastructure. Eileen has been with Coleman Insights for 20 years, starting as the firm’s Business Manager in 1997. She has over 35 years of accounting experience and previously worked at Casablanca Records, Polygram Records & Filmworks and Megaforce Records. She attended the State University of New York at Farmingdale and California State University, Los Angeles.

Download the press release here.

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