Can Video Make the Radio Star?

November 13, 2018

Now that the US midterm elections are—mostly!—behind us, we can look back at some of the marketing techniques candidates and their campaigns used and consider their implications for the radio industry. Fortunately for many of our clients, many of these campaigns continued to recognize the value of radio to engage consumers and target audience segments … Continue reading Can Video Make the Radio Star? »

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How’s Radio Doing in Australia and New Zealand?

November 6, 2018
Sydney Harbour Bridge

I recently returned from Australia and New Zealand, where I had the pleasure of meeting with representatives of most of the major radio groups in both countries. If you’ve ever visited either country, you know that—thanks to breathtaking scenery, friendly people and excellent cuisine—it’s next to impossible to come home with anything but positive perceptions. … Continue reading How’s Radio Doing in Australia and New Zealand? »

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What Radio Stations Can Learn From Gas Stations

October 30, 2018
Electric Car Charging Station

Back in June, in the blog Radio Needs Second-Order Thinking, Jon Coleman introduced us to the concept of second-order thinking and how beneficial it can be for radio.  First-order thinking is considering the immediate impact of the decisions we make. Second-order thinking is considering all the potential consequences of the decisions we make. When a … Continue reading What Radio Stations Can Learn From Gas Stations »

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Images Are Like Icebergs

October 9, 2018

There’s nothing more sobering than watching a focus group of your radio station’s listeners talking about your beloved product. You might watch in horror as they: Refer to your station by its previous brand name; Are unable to name any of the people on your year-old morning show; Are certain your station plays 70s music, … Continue reading Images Are Like Icebergs »

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Getting to the Why

October 2, 2018
Chevy focus groups

Years ago, I was presenting some results to an internal client. He was a sales rep who had seen dozens of quantitative research studies my team conducted. We had asked a question about social media, and he said, “Why are they using Friendster instead of Myspace [it was a long time ago]? What’s the difference?” … Continue reading Getting to the Why »

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