What Radio Stations Can Learn From Gas Stations

October 30, 2018
Electric Car Charging Station

Back in June, in the blog Radio Needs Second-Order Thinking, Jon Coleman introduced us to the concept of second-order thinking and how beneficial it can be for radio.  First-order thinking is considering the immediate impact of the decisions we make. Second-order thinking is considering all the potential consequences of the decisions we make. When a … Continue reading What Radio Stations Can Learn From Gas Stations »

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Images Are Like Icebergs

October 9, 2018

There’s nothing more sobering than watching a focus group of your radio station’s listeners talking about your beloved product. You might watch in horror as they: Refer to your station by its previous brand name; Are unable to name any of the people on your year-old morning show; Are certain your station plays 70s music, … Continue reading Images Are Like Icebergs »

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Getting to the Why

October 2, 2018
Chevy focus groups

Years ago, I was presenting some results to an internal client. He was a sales rep who had seen dozens of quantitative research studies my team conducted. We had asked a question about social media, and he said, “Why are they using Friendster instead of Myspace [it was a long time ago]? What’s the difference?” … Continue reading Getting to the Why »

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