Google My Radio Station

January 23, 2018
Google My Business

When it comes to building, managing, and protecting their brand identities, radio stations rightfully tend to focus on the most important thing—the on-air product. A peek into how many stations are represented in the digital space indicates some areas of opportunity, both in brand management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One easy step stations can … Continue reading Google My Radio Station »

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Holiday Gratitude

December 19, 2017
Coleman Insights Warren Kurtzman Jon Coleman John Boyne Sam Milkman

For the final blog post of 2017, our three Senior Consultants—Warren Kurtzman, John Boyne, and Sam Milkman—sat down for a roundtable chat to reflect on some things they are thankful for this holiday season. SAM MILKMAN: We have very special relationships with our clients who treat us like partners – and often like family. I’m … Continue reading Holiday Gratitude »

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What’s My Brand Again?

December 12, 2017
Tuesdays with Coleman

Which radio station plays Classic Rock? Which radio station plays Hip Hop and R&B? Which radio station plays new hit music? Chances are, you have a perceptual image in mind for one radio station that occupies each of these positions in your market. It’s also true there’s likely more than one radio station in your … Continue reading What’s My Brand Again? »

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Is News of the Dashboard Radio’s Death Greatly Exaggerated?

December 5, 2017
Tuesdays with Coleman

We are all struck by the speed at which technology is moving—in general, and particularly around the automobile. Some recent studies predict that the autonomous car will dominate roadways by the year 2030. Sooner than that, new digital dashboards featuring Apple Car Play and Android Auto will be in almost every car, offering much greater … Continue reading Is News of the Dashboard Radio’s Death Greatly Exaggerated? »

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