The Value of Brand Nostalgia

August 8, 2023

In a recent article in Adweek, “For (Re) Brands, It’s Back to the Future,” author Lee Rolston makes this important point about brand marketing: “Being distinctive is the most important quality your brand can have. You can forget about optimizing your lower-funnel metrics if most of the content you create is not being recognized or … Continue reading The Value of Brand Nostalgia »

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What’s Your Pivot?

July 18, 2023

For every Netflix that adapts from DVDs by mail to streaming, there is a Blockbuster that fails to evolve. For every Google that sees a chance to dominate the online maps business, there is a MapQuest that had the brand name, yet failed to create a great mobile app in time. Every company, every brand … Continue reading What’s Your Pivot? »

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Why You Need to Go to Radiodays North America in 2024

June 13, 2023

I am very fortunate to have frequently traveled to Canada to collaborate with our outstanding clients and other Canadian audio entertainment industry colleagues. For more than a decade, a highlight for me was attending Canadian Music Week and specifically the RadioActive conference that was held in association with CMW each spring. I always loved that … Continue reading Why You Need to Go to Radiodays North America in 2024 »

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