May 31, 2018

Outside Thinking Video Released From Worldwide Radio Summit

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, May 31, 2018 – Coleman Insights has released the video of its keynote presentation delivered at Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood earlier this month.

In “Outside Thinking: Flip The Script On How You Think About Your Radio Station,” Warren Kurtzman, Sam Milkman and John Boyne explain the tenets of Outside Thinking, which involves approaching radio station programming from the listener’s point of view.

The video covers session highlights, including how listeners choose radio stations based on habit, needs, perceptions, language and lifestyle. “Listeners don’t go through a formal process of deciding which stations to listen to,” explains President Warren Kurtzman. “By understanding the reasons and ways listeners select and use stations, programmers can utilize the principles of Outside Thinking as part of their strategic decisions.”

The video of “Outside Thinking: Flip The Script On How You Think About Your Radio Station” is now available here.

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