Be the Fan Favorite

February 11, 2020
Cleveland Browns end losing streak

It’s an easy trap to fall into. And it happens in politics, radio and brand marketing. We market ourselves and our products under the assumption that people make rational decisions based on key issues or features that we recognize as being important to the majority. A politician may say “I support border protection, gun control … Continue reading Be the Fan Favorite »

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Programming Radio to the Masses in a Personalized World

January 7, 2020

As you listen to songs on Spotify, it learns your behavior and makes recommendations. Up to six Daily Mixes include your regular listens and Spotify’s suggestions. “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” list songs and new releases based on your listening habits. Radio stations, meanwhile, program to the masses—a curated blend of songs chosen for…a lot … Continue reading Programming Radio to the Masses in a Personalized World »

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Doing Well by Doing Good

December 17, 2019
Coleman Insights employees volunteered at a food pantry as part of its Pledge 1% initiative

A common theme in this blog is how brands should learn as much as possible about what its consumers expect from them and—if those expectations are in line with what those consumers want—deliver on those expectations as often as possible. I like to think that we’ve done that since launching Tuesdays With Coleman more than … Continue reading Doing Well by Doing Good »

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