Nobody Likes Kale

March 30, 2021
Pizza Hut using kale on its salad bar

Coleman Insights’ Brand-Content Matrix measures brand and content strength. The goal is to be in the upper right quadrant, at the intersection of strong brand and great content. While we generally share examples of where audio brands fall on the Brand-Content Matrix, today we’ll have a little fun. I’ll demonstrate how this tool can be … Continue reading Nobody Likes Kale »

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How Zoom’s Brand and Content Won the Pandemic

March 16, 2021

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the COVID lockdown, it seems everyone has hit the wall of “Zoom Fatigue.” Notice I didn’t say “Google Meet Fatigue” or “Microsoft Teams Fatigue” or “GoToMeeting Fatigue.” The pandemic has left a path of brand destruction, while elevating others–and Zoom certainly fits in the “other” category. How did … Continue reading How Zoom’s Brand and Content Won the Pandemic »

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The Legend of Jack Falvey

February 16, 2021

Tell me if any of these things sound familiar. Gourmet hamburgers smothered in chili, guacamole, bleu cheese, and bacon. A funky hotel with cheap beer and Frank Sinatra on the jukebox. Alcohol delivered to your door. Gourmet hamburgers? There’s now a restaurant slinging variations of the classic on seemingly every corner. A funky hotel? Boutique … Continue reading The Legend of Jack Falvey »

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