The (Not So) Strange World of Strategic Alliances

September 14, 2021

Strategic partnerships are not new. Usually, a strategic alliance between two companies involves two very different businesses. For example, Pottery Barn is not a paint company, and Sherwin-Williams is not a home furnishings store. But the two businesses collaborate on an exclusive line of paints. Customers can coordinate the Sherwin-Williams colors with Pottery Barn furniture, … Continue reading The (Not So) Strange World of Strategic Alliances »

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Signs of Unpredictability

September 7, 2021

This past weekend, my wife and I walked around downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and checked out some local shops. One had a chalkboard easel outside that read, “I’m not going to make good music anymore. – Kanye.” Whether you believe Donda is garbage or a masterpiece is irrelevant. The sign made me laugh, I walked … Continue reading Signs of Unpredictability »

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Blue Ocean Strategy for Podcasting

August 10, 2021

Coleman Insights founder Jon Coleman introduced Blue Ocean Strategy to Tuesdays With Coleman blog readers late last year in “Should Radio Go Back to Normal.” In short, brands that find themselves in heavily competitive crowded market segments are in metaphorical shark-infested, blood-laden waters. Hence, Red Ocean. On the other hand, some brands have established unique … Continue reading Blue Ocean Strategy for Podcasting »

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Beer, Bourbon, and Hummus

July 27, 2021

When visiting family in San Francisco recently, we passed a small corner store, of which there are many in the city. But as we drove towards a particular one, I noticed three words on the front that grabbed me—“Beer, Bourbon, and Hummus.” Riding in the drivers’ seat in a car going around 40 miles an … Continue reading Beer, Bourbon, and Hummus »

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