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Reducing Friction On Your Radio Station – Part 1

Tuesdays With Coleman

Friction is a hot buzzword in marketing these days. It refers to obstacles in the customer experience.

Can’t find the “submit” button on a form? Friction.

Pop-ups getting in the way on a website? Friction.

Pop Up Ads

Getting charged unexpected fees? Very irritating friction.

Are you adding friction to your radio station?

Radio Station

How much has changed in the ways radio station personnel deal with listeners?

Still asking for caller 9 to win a pair of tickets to the home show, only for the listeners to get a busy signal?

When a listener wins from a town an hour away from your studios, do you tell them you’ll mail the prize or do you tell them they have to pick it up because “that’s the policy”?

Do you make fun of “prize pigs” and tell them they can only win every 60 days, essentially inviting them to listen to another station? Or, do you celebrate people who are actively engaged with your content?

When a listener makes a request, do you tell them, “I’ll see what I can do”, or “I’ll get that right on for you” or “It’s coming up” (even though it isn’t coming up for 15 hours)?

Does your website make it easy to connect with the team, from the General Manager to the jocks? Is there an easy way for them to provide feedback?

Are you engaging with your audience on social media or using it as an advertisement, leaving their comments hanging?

Are you only allowing people within your metro to stream the station (and is that worth it)?

Are you paying attention to the spots and promos on the stream? Is it playing the same PSA over and over again, making it unlistenable?

What do Amazon, Southwest Airlines, Nordstrom, and your radio station have in common?

They are all brands.

What if you treated your listeners the way those brands treat their customers?

Strong brands research, develop a plan from the findings and execute the plan.


Friction is the enemy of plan execution.

Next week in Part 2 of “Reducing Friction on Your Radio Station”, we’ll discuss how radio stations can reduce friction by utilizing research to present a more cohesive product.


Jay Nachlis Adds Marketing Director Duties at Coleman Insights


Coleman Insights announced today that Jay Nachlis has added the title of Marketing Director at the media research firm. Nachlis was hired as an Associate Consultant in July, 2017. The announcement was made by Warren Kurtzman, president at Coleman Insights.

“Companies succeed when they identify needs and then put people who have the talents and desire to fulfill those needs in place,” said Kurtzman. “Very shortly after Jay joined us last year it became very clear than in addition to the great work he was doing for our clients, his marketing orientation could also be put to great use by our company. That we are placing him in this unique dual role is a testament to what he brings to the table.”

“I’m thrilled to take on heading up marketing initiatives for Coleman Insights, you can visit their homepage and learn about our approach ” said Nachlis. “It’s such a unique opportunity. On the one hand, I get to work with clients and help maximize their success. At the same time, I get to tell the Coleman story and introduce our work to potential clients. That’s pretty special.”

Nachlis will have the newly created title of Associate Consultant/Marketing Director. He has more than two decades of programming and marketing experience, including on-air, music director and program director positions in San Francisco, Buffalo, Detroit, Syracuse, and Raleigh-Durham.

About Coleman Insights

Coleman Insights, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, with offices in Philadelphia and Hamburg, Germany, is a firm that has helped media properties build strong brands and develop great content since 1978. Its clients include hundreds of media properties in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, including those owned by Emmis Communications, iHeartMedia, Entercom Communications Corporation, Univision, Bonneville International Corporation, Hubbard Radio, Newcap Radio, SummitMedia, Bauer Media, Salem Communications, Connoisseur Media, Corporación Radial del Perú, Neuhoff Media, Delmarva Broadcasting Company and Townsquare Media. Additional information about Coleman Insights is available at www.ColemanInsights.com.


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